SQL 2005 cluster install failing


Im after some help diagnosing and resolving the cause of a cluster install of sql 2005 failure.

Cluster has 2 nodes, identical hardware / OS, etc.    MSDTC is set up as a cluster resourse, A cluster group is present with all E,F and G drive for the install.    When installing, the installation fails installign the database service.   Only clue i have found so far is this :

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup beginning at Mon Nov 17 13:47:13 2008
Process ID      : 4800
D:\Source\SQL2005 32Bit - Disk 1 of 2\setup.exe Version: 2005.90.1399.0
Running: LoadResourcesAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Complete: LoadResourcesAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13, returned true
Running: ParseBootstrapOptionsAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Loaded DLL:D:\Source\SQL2005 32Bit - Disk 1 of 2\xmlrw.dll Version:2.0.3604.0
Complete: ParseBootstrapOptionsAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13, returned true
Running: ValidateWinNTAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Complete: ValidateWinNTAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13, returned true
Running: ValidateMinOSAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Complete: ValidateMinOSAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13, returned true
Running: PerformSCCAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Complete: PerformSCCAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13, returned true
Running: ActivateLoggingAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Complete: ActivateLoggingAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13, returned true
Running: DetectPatchedBootstrapAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Complete: DetectPatchedBootstrapAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13, returned true
Action "LaunchPatchedBootstrapAction" will be skipped due to the following restrictions:
Condition "EventCondition: __STP_LaunchPatchedBootstrap__4800" returned false.
Running: PerformSCCAction2 at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Loaded DLL:C:\WINDOWS\system32\msi.dll Version:3.1.4000.3959
Loaded DLL:C:\WINDOWS\system32\msi.dll Version:3.1.4000.3959
Complete: PerformSCCAction2 at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13, returned true
Running: PerformDotNetCheck at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Complete: PerformDotNetCheck at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13, returned true
Running: ComponentUpdateAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:13
Complete: ComponentUpdateAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:36, returned true
Running: DetectLocalBootstrapAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:37
Complete: DetectLocalBootstrapAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:37, returned true
Running: LaunchLocalBootstrapAction at: 2008/10/17 13:47:37
Error: Action "LaunchLocalBootstrapAction" threw an exception during execution.  Error information reported during run:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\setup.exe" finished and returned: 67
Aborting queue processing as nested installer has completed
Message pump returning: 67
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ShogunWadeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solved it.   There was a space at the end of the Network Name.
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