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Partial shipments and back orders in SOP

What is the proper procedure when shipping and invoicing partial shipment and creating back orders?  Here is what we would like:

1.  Order is entered in Sales Transaction Entry screen for 100 units of a part (not drop shipped, we manufacture it)
2.  We ship 50 to the customer.  At this point we would like the Sales Order to show 100 Ordered, 50 Shipped, and 50 B/O.
3.  We ship 20 more to the customer.  No we would like the Sales Order to show 100 Ordered, 70 Shipped, and 30 B/O.

For some reason our sales order always prints 0 in the Shipped column, even if there is a quantity on left back order.  We are not creating backorder orders, we are just filling in the Qty to Invoice, Qty to Fulfill, and Qty to Back order on the sales order, then using the Actions/Transfer option and check the Transfer to an Invoice checkbox (Create BackOrder is unchecked because we don't want to create a separate Back Order order).

Any help would be appreciated.
1 Solution
It sounds like your processes ok....I just tested it on our test system and it works ok here, these are the steps I followed.

1.  I entered an Order for 100 units and back ordered all 100
2.  Fulfilled 50 and Invoiced 50 and transferred to an invoice.

The invoice showed 100 ordered, 50 shipped and 50 on back order

This is where I ran into the problem; once the invoice is transferred it updates the quantities on the order.  The order now says there is 100 on order and 50 back ordered.

If I fulfilled and ship 20 more

The invoice now shows 100 ordered, 20 shipped and 30 on backorder.

If you would like it to show 70 shipped you can create a modified field in the report that takes the Qty ordered - Qty cancelled - qty on back order and it should show you the total shipped.

If your sales order is always printing 0, I am thinking there is something wrong with the formula in your report.

The formula I have in my report is......

A conditional formula
Result Type is Currency

Conditional: SOP_Line_Work.QTY < 0.00000
True: SOP_Line_Work.Qty
False: SOP_Line_Work.Qty_To_Invoice

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I need to clarify anything.
Chad_J_LemmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  I ended up changing the field in the Shipped column to the "Qty Prev Invoiced" from the Sales Transaction Amounts Work table.
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