Proper way for home users to remote desktop VPN to office workstations

I am looking for the most practical way for our home users to remote desktop into their office workstations using VPN. Any thoughts?
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ai_ja_naiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Setup VPN, first on office then at home.
Setup VNC server at office. Setup VNC client at home.

Here is a tutorial to setup VPN on WinXP

and here is the real VNC setup for Windows
Two step process:
1. Connect to network via VPN (PPTP / L2TP)
2. RDP to IP of their desktop

Both steps can be created as desktop shortcuts
TYoffeAuthor Commented:
we create the vpn connection on their home pcs correct. create a shortcut ofcourse on the desktop.

Enable remote desktop on their office workstations.

am i missing something?
TYoffeAuthor Commented:
thank you very much
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