pop beamer are able to download all mails and delivr to exchange server


i used pop beamer to down all mails to exchange server . problem is that we are not able to know that pop beamer down all mail to exchange server .. and exchange server smtp connector queue showing more than 200 mails .but my outlook client not got nothing when they press send and rcv after so many times not any error logged.
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Exchange_GeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"and exchange server smtp connector queue showing more than 200 mails"

If you are talking about SMTP Queue showing that SMTP Connector has more than 200 mails stuck in it - these are outgoing emails not incoming. You would have to investigate on why those emails are stuck there - and not continue troubleshooting on your local clients.
RavinderPanchalAuthor Commented:
my pop account is not configured properly on pop beamer.. i configured it  correctly and now all mail are flowing
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