I am unable to open Hotmail messages

I am suddenly unable to open my hotmail messages.  I am running Windows Vista Home Premium with IE 7.

This has just happened without any changes to my computer.  I had trouble opening the Hotmail site, then once it finally opened, I can see all my folders, open my Inbox, see the messages but if I mouse over the message box there's a cursor with an hourglass together.

It almost seems as though the website is hung up - not completely, because I can get into all the folders, but like a message loading got hung up so I can't open another one.

I've rebooted, turned off popup blockers, changed my internet security to very low, everything.

I read this question which sounded just like my problem but the solution of using OE didn't work for me.:


Down in the lower left system tray it says Error on Page.  If I click on it I get something like this (this isn't mine exactly because I found this online - another question just like mine that is unsolved) but it looks just like this:

Line 2
Char 9784
Error syntax error
Code 0
URL http://bl112w.blu112.mail.live.com/m...e&n=1658208014

Can anyone help?  This is so annoying.  I have several messages in there that I need to access.

Thanks for any and all help!!
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Amber_Gracie,

The problem could be to a corrupted cache.  Delete your cookies and temporary internet files. Then restart the browser. Log back in.

Hope this helps!
There is a chance that they are working on that server. There are thousands of servers dedicated for hotmail e-mail so your friends e-mail may work, but yours may be offline. I would give it a few hours or over night and hopefully it will be restored by itself.
To verify that this is a sever issue and not your computer you can try to access your e-mail from another computer.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
Are you on a home internet connection, or is there a chance that your internet is fitered in some way? Also, you might try to update both flash and java on your local machine.
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Amber_GracieAuthor Commented:
Hello - thank you for the fast responses!

This has been going on for a few days now.  It first happened when I went to bookmark my husband's Hotmail account to make it easy for him to find (don't ask!  :) .  He hadn't accessed it in a really long time so there were 65 messages in it.  I tried to delete them all but it got hung up and I had to delete them from our other computer and restart his computer.

So now it won't open any messages - not his on his login or mine on my login.  Actually on that computer we are running XP SP 2 not Vista.

Java and Flash are both updated - I keep up with that pretty well.

I will try deleting cookies and Temp Internet files - in the meantime, any other ideas from this extra information?

Try accessing the account from a different computer (if possible) and see what happens.
Amber_GracieAuthor Commented:
I have done that and it works fine.  That's why it's some setting or some hangup in this specific computer.
Amber_GracieAuthor Commented:
Thank you!  I just deleted cookies and Temporary Internet files and it was fine!  
You are welcome, Amber_Gracie !
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