Can I run gpedit.msc from the server on a remote computer?

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1. I need to run a new log on and log off script and would like to do it remotely using gpedit.msc. Is this possible? I would rather rdp from the server to remote computers. This is a script that needs to run locally. I already ran the script on my local computer and know that the script is working.

2. Does gpedit.msc work in Win 2K?
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You can create a custom MMC console and run that from a remote computer, (XP SP2 and above).
Thank you ChiefIT. I will award you the points but here is an alternative my co-worker found.

Execute through DOS prompt:

gpedit.msc /gpcomputer: computername.domain

This will launch gpedit on the local machine for the remote.

Glad to see the issue resolved. Thanks for the follow up on this question. I really do appreciate that.

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