Win2k Could Not Start Missing or Corrupt C:\winnt\system32\config\system

My Dell GX150 had a blue screen error message that indicated a memory dump had occurred.  After waiting for at least 15 minutes with no activity I manually rebooted the computer.  When the computer came up and before it went to the Windows 2000 startup it made two short quick beeps and took me to a screen that indicated an error had occurred.  At this time I went to another Windows 2000 computer and created a repair desk.  I ran through the repair process, but the system would not repair.  I then rebooted the computer with the windows2000k reinstall cd, the computer began to boot up but then stopped and gave the following error.
Windows 2000 could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt
What can I do to resolve this and what exactly does this mean?
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When you got the blue screen initially, it probably stayed on because your OS wasn't configured to automatically reboot.  What was the STOP code and information?

When you got the beep errors during POST, what error message was displayed on the screen?

Your windows error message gives me the impression you may have a bad hard drive.  What is the disk configuration?

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First of all I would get on a machine that has this folder in tact. Burn the folder to a CD (ensure you close the cd). Next, go to the box that has the issue and boot to a windows installation cd. When prompted to install or repair you want to hit r to repair (this will be after all the files load). Now remove the windows cd and insert the cd that contains your folder. you will want to choose 1 when it asks you which operating system, unless you have multiple OS's. Next if you have a password on the admin account that is the password used.  next type the following commands
xcopy [Cd Drive letter here]:\System c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM /e
kwh3856OwnerAuthor Commented:
Stop code, I didn't write it all down.
Beep during POST, again I screwed up I didn't write it all down
I have been able to bring the computer and run a SCANDISK on it and it tells me that  the disk is fine?
At this time I am running the Win2k Installation Cd and going to try to run the r, command on it and see if this fixes my problem.
\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM is the registry system hive. Since W2K does not have System Restore as XP does, there is no backup copy of the registry unless you have created one or are using a utility like ERUNT.

Here's some info that should help:
you could put it on a thumb drive and it would be quicker that way
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Windows 2000

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