Spelling and Grammar Check in Office 2003 doesnt check correctly


When using word to type letters or outllook to compose emails, i find that the grammar check doesnt work, even though it has been configured to check. If i type a sentence such as "Hello how are him." it doesnt detect this as an error.

Any suggestions?
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You were talking about Spelling and Grammar, but you only quote an example for grammar testing. Have you also found that the spell checks don't work for you?

Because, as grammar checks are concerned, there is one simple and cruel answer: most of the time they simply don't work.

MS offering you a grammar check for your documents is like Babelfish, Lycos, Google or others offering to translate your documents into German, French, Polish, Russian, Greek, Gaelic etc: impossible. But you will not notice, because you don't know those languages. I am German and I have had to read through dozens of automatically translated web pages that were virtually incomprehensible (yet sometimes, unintentionally, so hilarious that they would keep you laughing all day long.) For me, no more proof is required to know that nobody so far has succeeded in inventing an algorithm that could teach computers grammar.

So here's my advice:
make sure you yourself keep your grammar in a good shape, and let the computer take care of spell checking: that's what this machine is really superb at - once you've been teaching it for a while. :)
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Dumb question but are you using Word as your email editor?
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