How do you get the details view to always show up?

I want to have the details view of folders always show up and I want the file name to always show up.  Ie I get picture-99   I want to see picture-99.jpg .

I want to see the full file name, every time I open a folder.
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You can choose the default view for folders by opening an Explorer window, setting up your folder view in whichever way you want folders of that type to display (Details, Icons, etc.), holding down the Alt key to make the Menu bar temporarily visible (of course this is unnecessary if you have already put a check mark next to the setting under Organize -> Layout -> Menu Bar), then clicking the Tools menu, selecting Folder Options, clicking on the View tab, then clicking the Apply to Folders button.

But still some folders open in another view because of a feature in Vista called Automatic Folder Type Discovery, which can be disabled by a registry tweak.  I was able to get all my folders to open in Details view by using manual method in this tutorial:

If you cannot see the screenshots in the above tutorial, just find and click on the link for becoming a member of the Vistax64 Forum -- it's free!

cctaco2, any feedback?
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