Zen Cart page displays incorrectly in IE7, correctly in Firefox and IE6

Take a look at this page:

In Firefox and IE6, it displays just fine. But in IE7, the main content (center box) overlaps my logo. Any ideas?
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alicia1234Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Nevermind. I discovered that I simply needed to change the height of the logoWrapper in Zen Cart's stylesheet.
Have you tried placing your logo in a table like all your other content is, or just adding a new row above the the cell containing <td id="navColumnOne" class="columnLeft" style="width: 150px">?
alicia1234Author Commented:
I'm using Zen Cart and their pages and am trying to stay away from too much modification of their code. I was thinking this might just be a css problem with some bug in IE7?
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