The set of folders could not be opened imap outllok

When setting up Outlook 2003 I connected MSN via IMAP before I did outlook updates.

Now I have 2 folders in my outlook that are not real and when I click on I get this error message The set of folders could not be opened. I have updated outlook 2003 and I was able to setup IMAP and I have a 3rd folder that works now.

Also when I go to send mail from my imap connection it keeps sending the mail over and over
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You profile is corrupted. Create a new Outlook profile. Test if ghost accounts are there.  If not, move your other data to new profile.
Hello Mace_Watson,

Are the problems only with IMAP folders?  

Delete adn then recreate the affect account in Outlook account settings.

Hope this helps!
Mace_WatsonAuthor Commented:
the account has already been deleted and the folder are still there.
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Was the account an IMAP account?  If IMAP account, the account should have its own set of folders.  If it did have its own set of folders, they are not deleted with you delete the account/

Verify that you have deleted the correct account.
Mace_WatsonAuthor Commented:

More detail:
There are 4 imap accounts showing but on two setup. What happen is I tried to setup these accounts before Outlook 2003 was updated and they did not work. I took them out of the account settings and Outlook crashed right after.
I brought outlook back up and the imap accounts were no longer in the in the account settings but they were still on  the tree.  When I click on them now I get The set of folders could not be opened  After updating outlook I setup the Imap accounts again and they work. However I still have those ghost folder from before.
Mace_WatsonAuthor Commented:
Well gee I hoped for another way but I am sure that would work.
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