SQL 2008 software install with client licensing

Ok, here is the deal. we have SQL 2008 up and runnnig great. We purchased 1 License for 2008 SQL Standard and 10 CAL's.  My quesiton is what software do you install on the client machines to connect and work from the SQL 2008 Server over the network?  What about reporting services also?  the only way to connect remotely without RDP'ing in the server is to install the full CD of SQL (on the client XP box) to get all of the client connection tools.  The only thing is that I do not want SQL server services running on the client computers, also if I do it this way, is it a license violation but installing full version on clent machine so we can connect to the database over the network with reporting services also. Hopefull this isn't too confusing.  
thanks in advance.
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It is confusing...
10 cals means 10 client connections...
what software do you install for client machine means it depends what applications you are running...
SQL client tools are free you don't need pay for them and you don't need to count them in your licences...
But it is better to check with MS....
DavidpnelsonAuthor Commented:
yes, sorry, 10 CALS is 10 Client connections.   Well to be specific right now, they create databases and they use it for reporting.  This question is mainly for my two "DB admin's" who need to access the servers database remotely from there XP computers using SQL management Studio and Visual Studio.  I haven't been able to find a client tool to connect to the reporting server unless you install the full copy of SQL 2008 on the admin's XP computer.  
DavidpnelsonAuthor Commented:
This solution is for my database admin computers (which are XP)  that need to connect to the Server using all of the SQL functions, like reporting, and database administration using SQL management studio and Visual Studio.
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You can grant the your db amdins to RDP access and I believe it will not be counted as additional licences...
Why do they want to connect to reporting services...if they developing then can do it on their local machine and deploy the reports to the server.

Check the following...may be you are looking for this...

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Report Builder 2.0
DavidpnelsonAuthor Commented:
Well, I sort of do not want them running RDP to the server, I would like for them to create DB's and maintane them from their desktops.  All I was wondering is what I need to install from the SQL 2008 CD to allow them to do this.  I don't want to install full version of SQL on their desktops becasue they don't need the full version.  I believe they can use the report builder 2008 for reports, but I just need to know what they need to connect remotely and administer DB's without installing the full version.
To administer the SQL...
You can install client tools like SSMS and you don't need licence for them...and I don't think it will be counted as 1 client licence when they connect but it is better to check MS...
DavidpnelsonAuthor Commented:
Is there a How-To install the Client tools only from the SQL 2008 CD that will allow all of this.  

Follow the instructions from the following...and make sure you uncheck all except Client tools, BIDS and BOL...


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DavidpnelsonAuthor Commented:
do I leavej Reporting services checked or just download the report builder.  Do they do the same functions?
Don't check the reporting services...you can download the report builder and install...
If you install Reporting Services on the different server other than SQL Server Engine install, it requires licence...
DavidpnelsonAuthor Commented:
He helped me ask much as he could, I will need to call microsoft or e-mail a licensing MVP for the rest of those questions.
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