Recover data from bad HD on HP Pavilion laptop

I had a small accident with a water spill on my HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop. Now when I power on, it says "Operating System Not Found". It also is NOT detecting HD in BIOS.

It is very important to recover some data, so I tried booting off of my USB flash drive with a utility called BartPE. In the consoles file system I still cannot see laptop HD listed.

Can someone please give me any other suggestion of a way I can access this data.
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I would tyr putting it into a different computer and if the bios still doesn't recognize it you could try the putting it in the freezer for an hour
Wes MillerIT  SupportCommented:
Sounds like the PC board on the hardrive got fried from the water.
If you have an excat same model hardrive and the proper torx bit to remove the screws you can remove the pc board from the known good hardrive and put it on the one that wont identify to get it working again.

The problem with putting it in the freezer is that you may very well cause additional damage to the hardware - meaning if you can't recover the data, you just lessened the chances that a data recovery company could do so.

Water on a laptop can damage more (or less) than the hard drive.  

I'd recommend the following:

Using another system, create a Ubuntu disk (  This is a very easy to use version of Linux.  Boot from the Ubuntu cd.  You can do this right on the laptop without removing the drive and trying to slave to another pc.  If you can see the hard drive, you can then either transfer your data to a usb drive, or burn it to cd.

If you can't see the hd, then take it to a laptop repair shop.  

If you're positive it is only the hard drive that is damaged, and you really need the data, consider pulling the hard drive and sending it to Gillware (  They are very good, and reasonably priced (as far as data recovery companies go).  No charge if they can't recover your data.

What you try all depends on exactly how valuable to data is.  If you really need it - don't try freezing the drive - you may well damage it beyond recovery (if it isn't already).


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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
I agree to not put the drive in the freezer...this is the last chance ditch effort approach.  IF you dont want to send the drive in (which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars) to retreive data, then that is your last ditch effort.  Be wary if you do so (put it in freezer) that you will have condensation, and more liquid on the drive.  Including inside the drive.  Upon reinsertion of the drive into the laptop the condensation/liquid can cause further damage not only to the drive but the laptop as well.  And you should know that even wiping the excessive liquids from the drive STILL does not get ALL the moisture from the drive.  As it is still cold (which is the reason you want to insert it into the freezer....)  not to get it wet/moist/condensation....(that is the downfall).

I also would suggest another approach as well, put the drive in a USB Enclosure and hook it up to another PC, to eliminate that the motherboard's hard disk drive controller is failing or failed.  

Did you notice any water damage to the hard drive?  And was it cleaned very well prior to putting it back to use?  Also reinserting the drive into the laptop if the laptop was not cleaned and dried inside the laptop could be causing the problem to continue with the drive as well.  Relize liquids that are trapped inside the laptop that  is made of plastic silicone, metal, aluminum etc tend to not evaporate quickly.  So just because you see that the OUTSIDE of the laptop is dry, does not mean the INSIDE is dry no matter how you shake it or heat it up (hair dryer) may not take care of the liquid inside.  Unless you take the pieces apart, and dry them piece by piece.
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