Sorting Crosstab Columns

I have a crosstab that has dates across the collumns.  I am trying to figure out a way to sort the columns by date and am having some difficulty. They are sorting alphabetically.  

I have tried the below 3 in addition to some other versions, but still the sorting is from low to high.

MonthName(Month({Rpt453;1.POST_DATE}),TRUE) & ' ' & TOTEXT(Year({Rpt453;1.POST_DATE}),0,'')
//TOTEXT(Month({Rpt453;1.POST_DATE}),0,'')&'/' & TOTEXT(Year({Rpt453;1.POST_DATE}),0,'')
//TOTEXT(Year({Rpt453;1.POST_DATE}),0,'') & TOTEXT(Month({Rpt453;1.POST_DATE}),0,'')

Thanks for the ideas.
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the cross tab grouping on the date field?
If so simply specify group by month

You can format the field in the cross tab to show it as desired.

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