Font changes when receiver reply the email - Outlook 2003

I have outlook 2003 SP3 with HTML Message format. The Satiionery is None and Fonts is defaulted. When I send emails and everything looks fine to me and receiver. However, after the receiver replied my email, the From, Sent, To and Subject became red font; the body of my original email is fine. It happened to all receivers.

I have checked my outlook setting and made all the settings become default. But it won't help.

Thanks in advance.

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I'd recommend you browse through the mail with the messed up text in source code form and see if anyone of the people writing replies got a signature file with broken HTML, i. e. tags left open and the like. Many people got badly written HTML signature files which will mess up the entire conversation if applied to a conversation.

If you find the tag left open (if things turn red, it must be a font tag), see who the signature belongs to. Ask that person to fix the signature. If it's a person not belonging to your organisation you are pretty much out of luck.

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rowfeiAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I just recreat the user's computer profile and the issue is resovled.
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