GPO or Batch File: Change Permissions on Local Folder

I recently rolled out a large application to 135 end-users. Come to find out that specific permissions need to be set on the local install root. I do not want to remotely connect to 135 systems for obvious reasons. Is there a way to push out a GPO or BATCH to give everyone permissions to a "C:\Program Files\Application" directory?
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Henrik JohanssonConnect With a Mentor Systems engineerCommented:
Create a GPO configuring the permissions with
Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\File System
Right-click and choose 'Add File'
Navigate to folder or enter it manual in the input box if it doesn't exist on the current computer.
Click ok and set the permissions and close the dialog.
Link the GPO to the OU with the computer objects.
Joseph DalyCommented:
Or if you wanted to do it via batch file you could do it this way using the CACLS command.

Link to CACLS switches
cacls "c:\folder" /t /e /g users:F

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