Moved to new SBS2003 server, now can't send or receive mail.

I recently moved my SBS2003 setup to a new server, AD, Exchange, Shared folders and all.  I followed the guide published by microsoft here:

Since moving the mailboxes to the new server, I am unable to send or receive any messages.  Message Tracking Center shows the below messages in an endless loop when I look at the detailed tracking for an incoming message.  The username and domain names have been anonymized.

SMTP: Message Delivered Locally to
SMTP: Message Scheduled to Retry Local Delivery
SMTP: Message Delivered Locally to
SMTP: Message Scheduled to Retry Local Delivery
SMTP: Message Delivered Locally to
SMTP: Message Scheduled to Retry Local Delivery
...and so on, every 2-3 minutes.  And the message never arrives at its destination.

Outgoing messages do not work.

I MAY BE WRONG on this, but from my research, I think something may be hinkey with the SMTP{guid} mailbox that provides the link between received SMTP mail and delivered Exchange mail. Under "Mailboxes" in the new server, I see a user named "SMTP(NEWSERVER--{a-long-guid})

I noticed however that user is never listed under "Logons" however.  On my old server, it's SMTP(OLDSERVER--{a-long-guid}) user is always listed under logons.
There are no errors that I have found especially useful in Event Viewer.

Otherwise my SBS Migration has been successful.  However I have an office full of people that are very unhappy about not having email today.  Any help would be wonderfully appreciated!
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itomixConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank you for helping me to keep on track and follow basic troubleshooting steps one at a time.  I have a hard time not making assumptions and skipping ahead.  I FINALLY SOLVED IT!  36 hours with no sleep and it's solved!!! YEAH!  (I can't believe I'm this excited about a stupid mail server... anyway...)
I removed the OldServer exchange server and reinstalled Exchange on NewServer.  Thank goodness!  I believe I know what happened.  Somehow the SMTP{GUID} object for that store was removed from active directory.  Immediately after I rebooted NewServer following the Exchange reinstall my blackberry was above with dozens of queued messages.  The day is saved!

...In short, the problem was with Active Directory corruption, and was solved with a reinstallation of Exchange.
IS the IP the same as the old one ?

Did you change your DNS/ and or router port forwarding to account for any IP or DNS changes ?

did you run the Win  SBS 2003 best practices analyzer  as well as

DCDIAG  run on verbose mode to a log file
DCDIAG /V /D /E /C > c:\DCDIAG-srvname.log
NETDIAG /V  c:\NETDIAG-srvname.log

I hope this helps !
itomixAuthor Commented:
My router ( has been updated to point SMTP (port 25) to NewServer (  I have disabled that forward, though, until I get the queue empty.  I don't need any more pressure with mail piling up :)

All the FSMO roles have been transferred to NewServer and is now the only Domain Controller in the Domain.
OldServer ( has been Demoted (Dcpromo) but still has DNS running on it for now

Both machines are running Exchange 2003 SP1 (Small Business Server, remember).  I transferred the mailboxes and exchange roles following the directions referenced above.
Look for fail and Erorr in the logs, it looks like you have a DNS issue with the old server.

IS DNS running on the new one ?

I hope this helps !
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