primary or extended partition?

Im partitioning the rest of my dik space on my server.  I have used 50 gb for the operating system on on partition.   And the rest of the partiton I want to have for file sharing.  should I partition the rest as a primary partition or an extended partition?
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Ghoti_AZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Indeed. If, as described, your hard drive now had no unpartitioned space, you are all set and should have no problems whatsoever.  If you still have unused space, I would advise that you make the third partition an extended one.
If you're going to be using the rest of the hard drive, it really makes no difference.  The only time you will *need* an extended partition is if you are going to have more than four partitions on one hard drive.
Set it as extended, so that yo can easily add or split it in the future, since you may already have 1 or 2 more primary partitions for setup and recovery options.

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Even if the original poster has two partitions already, if the new one will take the entirety of the drive and be bisected later on, that still amounts to four partitions, which is the maximum number of primary partitions, so it should not be a problem.  Context is everything.
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
I used the primary partition option.  So now the disk has only 2 partitions.  Good enough?
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