Can Odbc.OdbcConnection connect to a 32-bit DSN running under Vista 64 .NET? (Is there a 64bit to 32bit thunker like the old 32bit to 16bit thunker?)

I have a application and can connect correctly when running it under a 32-bit machine as I have a 32-Bit Sybase driver and a 32-Bit QODBC QuickBooks driver. When this same app runs on a Vista 64-Bit machine is can successfully open the 64-Bit Sybase driver but there is no 64-bit driver for QuickBooks. Can this be made to work without setting the Application to x86 only?
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grayeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd recommend that you just compile your application for "x86" (rather than the default of "Any CPU").... that way your application will run as a 32-bit application on your 64-bit PC.
azfronzAuthor Commented:
I was hoping to get more information than I already posted in my question but at least you responded. I'm frustrated more people did not jump in with more options. Thank You.
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