How to capture Flash SWF generated output to vector format?

I would like to capture the generated output from a Flash movie (SWF format) to a vector format like EPS, or AI (Illustrator).
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i'm assuming you want this done at runtime.
i.e they click a button and it saves the image.
a few weeks back someone mentioned it can be done as a bitmap but i doubt if you can save to a vector format
bluesmusicAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

I discovered the solution:
1) Run the Flash movie (SWF) in the Flash Player.
2) Select print while the movie is running (or finished).
3) Print the to a Postscript printer.  Make sure "Print to file" is checked.
4) Select "Print" and enter the full path and file name.  Add ".ps" extension.
5) Open the .ps file in Illustrator.  Each object will appear on a separate layer as a vector.  Note that there could be thousands of layers.  No problem.
6) May need to save everything to a high-res raster for final printing.

Postscript drivers are not native to PC's (only Apple).   However, you can still setup a Postscript printer even if you don't actually have a printer attached to the PC. Here's a link that explains in detail.

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thats interesting. thanks for sharing. next time a client wants that i can say yes - how much money have you got
bluesmusicAuthor Commented:
I discovered one other issue.  The "Postscript Output Option" (under Advanced Preferences) may be set to "Optimize for Speed".  This means B&W export.  Change the setting to "Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)".  This will output color vectors to the .ps file.  Note that transparency and clipping masks do not seem to be supported.

Finally, Adobe has a generic Postscript driver that can be installed on Windows.

Unbelievable! What an answer! Well done.
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