Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 - Restoring from Exchange Information Store

We are using Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 which backups up a Microsoft Exchange Information store among other things.

Not that we have had to restore any data, but I'm not seeing what I expect when I select restoration options.  Previous experience of mine and of co-workers, shows that selecting Information Store and a backup date presents the option to selectivly restore a mailbox or sub-item of the selected mailbox.

I've confirmed that the Granular Restoration option is selected for the backups we are running.

Aside from restoring and mounting the entire Information store, how would I restore a single mailbox or message from the information store?
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Is this a backup to tape or to B2D?

If this backup is to tape, then probably there's something wrong with your Backup Exec service account. Make sure it is
* Exchange Full Administrator all the way down the organsational structure.
* Domain admin and explicit local admin on the Exchange server (an not only explicit throug some group membership)
* Not hidden from the GAL
* It has a mailbox associated with at least one email
* The mailbox name is unique - check by typing the first 5 characters in an Outlook to field. Then use CTRL-K to check the name. This should yield one unique account and not present you with a number of possibilities.

Otherwise please report version of Exchange and OS on both Exchange and backup server. Also advise whether they are x86 or x64?

You could of course use the deleted items retention feature of Exchange to restore emails, or use the Recovery Storage Group. But GRT may be easier if you get it to work.
Iamthecreator OMCommented:
If the GRT option was selected within the backup job and the it completed successfully then you should be seeing the Granular selection for the IS and should be able to restore individual item

If the backup is on a tape try duplicating  the backup sets on a B2D and check if  the restore selection shows you  the individual item
If not call Symantec and have the case escalated
TransitionalDataAuthor Commented:
   Thanks for the thorough advice.  I've since added the Domain\administrator account explicitly as a server administrator, and deselected the option of "Hide user from GAL"

All other settings were already correct according to your list.  I can't afford the extra load of starting a backup now to test the new settings.  I will report back and hopefully assign points tomorrow.  Thanks for the very quick reply.
TransitionalDataAuthor Commented:
After allowing the backup to run as scheduled, the Information store is now restorable in the granular fashion.  Thanks for the help.
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