Want to remove WINS from a number of servers. Is there a special process for this?

We have way too many WINS servers and we want to decommission a number of them. I have not done this since my NT 4.0 days. I don't think its as easy as uninstallling WINS and removing the replication partners is it? Is there a special process to follow to decommission WINS servers. I could not find anything about this.
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willettmeisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well if you are decomming all the spokes it may be better to rebuild your WINS database from scratch.  I have had to do it a few times and never had any issues as long as you do it at a time when there will be relatively low amounts of traffic.  It will be rebuilt overnight and should be fine the next morning.  

To rebuild the database stop the WINS service, delete the database file, and restart the service.  

WINS tends to get a lot of trash in it in most places that I have been and since you are re-designing anyway might be a good opportunity to refresh the DB.
What wins model is setup.  If you are using the "hub and spoke" model and the server you want to remove are spokes then just removing them should be fine.  If you are using another model just make sure that the you replace the replication partners with other existing servers.
osiexchangeAuthor Commented:
Its hub and spoke design. We are decommissioning all the spokes. I remember in my NT 4.0 days you had to first tombstone all the records owned by the server you were decommissioning and then force replication of the tombstone records, then remove WINS. The reason for this was you were supposed not able to remove a WINS record on a server if it was owned by another server that was not around anymore. Just wondering if this has changed or not. If we just shut down the spokes, there will be a lot of records on other servers owned by the deomissioned spoke server. Will this cause a problem?
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