Test communication between 2 pc's on a domain over a specific udp port

I apologize ahead of time if this has been answered - I've checked the knowledge base and am having trouble finding exactly what I need...

We have a client running a medical database program on a Windows Server 2003 (dual NIC) domain with XP Pro client machines. The only firewall software running is Windows Firewall on the clients and the default RARS firewall on the WAN port on the server.

The medical database program has a built-in messaging system for messaging between users within the office, while in the software. The messaging system works by posting the message to the database and then sending out a "refresh" command via UDP port 3060.

This messaging is not working. Can anyone direct me to a program that I can use to test UDP port 3060 between the server and clients, clients and the server, and clients and clients?

Thank you in advance,
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Would TELNET work for you ? Just to check connectivity to the UDP port
CompTechNSAuthor Commented:
Telnet is available - but even if the port is open, will an XP machine respond to an unsolicited telnet request on a non-standard request?
Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
CompTechNSAuthor Commented:
OK - so I ran PortQry on the server, querying UDP port 3060 on one of the client machines (querying the server by name). The response I received was "LISTENING or FILTERED".

Same response when queryong the client from the server.

Does this mean that client is open on port 3060?
CompTechNSAuthor Commented:
I found a program that can scan both UDP and TCP on selected ports and ranges.  It's called Network Activ Port Scanner V4.0.

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