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Using WAT for membership in aps.net?


I have set up an membership on sqlserver.
I created users and roles.
I am testing this from VS2005 locally and running fine.
I am trying to deploy it to the prodution server and it doesn't recognize users and password.
Everything looks pretty standard on web.config but can't figure out why it is not authenticating.

I have one question. When I run WAT and look under the provider tab.
I see my member/role provider names and checked but I don't see that test link button.
Do you know why?? Do you think that's the reason it is not working?
Can you advise??
Thanks much.
     <add name="MyDB" connectionString="..." />
    ... authentication & authorization settings ...
    <membership defaultProvider="CustomizedProvider">
         <add name="CustomizedProvider"
              minRequiredNonalphanumericCharacters="0" />
<location path="manageronly.aspx">
<allow name="managers">
<deny name=*>

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1 Solution
dkim18Author Commented:
Mine is similar to this thread but he just recreated the whole membership database instead.
Is there a way to fix this??


please make sure the have the same ApplicationName in membership configuration section ..
dkim18Author Commented:
I have a question.
My web application name is AppProject.
But ApplicationName in membership config section is Something else.
It works fine from my VS2005.
Would that be the problem??

I made them same and tried but it failed me to login.

Why I don't get the TEST link in the WAT provider tab??
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in order to successfully login the ApplicationName must be the same.
dkim18Author Commented:
It is killing me.

I dropped the membership DB from sql server and recreated.
I have one question.
My web app name is AppProject.
From the WAT's home page, I see this application:/AppProject.
Membership provider's AppName=AppProject.

When I looked at the Application table, I see two ApplicationIds for /AppProject and AppProject.
I think this might be causing problem.

I am trying to understand this memebership/role things and this is making me all confused.
Why does it get called Application :/AppProject?
Why is this creating two ApplicationId??  I just created this DB for this App only??
How can I change this?
you must have been modified or added the applicationName after adding users , that's why 2 applicationIDs exist .
dkim18Author Commented:
Man I can't figure this out.
I don't understand why it is not working.
When I loaded to the production server, it doesn't authenticate. It kept failed.

Why is there / on WAT home tab in application name and even the applicatID table??

dkim18Author Commented:
OK This is my last post.

My application name is AppProj as an example

So from my production server, it is accessed by http://mydomain.com/AppProj/login.aspx

In my WAT home tab, it shows application: /AppProj
In my ApplicationID table of Membership Provider database, it lists as /AppProj

In my web.config, appanme = AppProj.

It runs fine in my VS but not in production server.

Why is it putting / in front of my AppName?
Why is not working on production server when it runs fine in VS??

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