MicroSoft, Office 2003, (SKU112.CAB missing). App installed long ago, but just failed after removing numerous rarely used applications earlier today

This morning, prior to begining the migration of my PC to a virtual machine on my MacBook Pro, I removed numerous rarely used applications, several being large memory hogs such as HP Consumer Participation Program (at over 200 MB).  After removing these apps, I restarted my machiine and immediately was prompted to insert the Office 2003 CD, which I did.  I then got, and continue to get, an error message that SKU112.CAB is missing.  I tried "Cancel"-ing the install, but it keeps appearing.  Whenever I click on an Office app or IE it initiates an install and prompts me to select the location of the missing SKU112.CAB file.  I have tried many times to select the original CD, but that does not work.  I even loaded and ran RegCure, which found over 2000 problems which it corrected, but it did not fix this problem.  I have run several searches on my drives and not found the "missing" file.  I have gone online and to the M/S website and not found a replacement file.  I have tried "Restore System" for three previous dates, to no avail.  I even tried the "Start", "run", "excel /s" and got a response, "

I have loaded the original CD, and it just began the installation process, on its own.  I entered the required user information, changing it to distinguish it from previous load, and started the installation.  So far, it is installing.  I'll return to this question to update in a few minutes. The installation completed successfully, and I elected to keep the installation files this time (all 208 MB), and to get the updates off the web.  I'll return after.

Here's what happens:  I clicked on Word 2003 and it began to open, displaying the startup logo, then the "Windows Installer" window popped up followed by the MicroSoft Standard Edition 2003 window with "Installation Error: file not found.  A required installation file, SKU112.CAB could not be found."

OK.  I was able to open Word, PowerPoint and Excel, but only after clicking on "Cancel" for each in the Windows Installer window that popped up.  I ran "repair" in Word, and the $%?& "Windows Installer" window still keeps popping up.  This time, though, with the installation CD in the drive, the application ran right to to source disk and began loading.  Go figure.  Now it just stopped and is asking for the location of the missing file, again.  This is getting annoying!  Once again, it is not recognizing that the original files are on the CD in the D: drive.

Sorry to have to revisit this problem.  Now what?

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BCTTFounderConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I did a reload of MS Office 2003, but it messed up my Outlook and did not reload PowerPoint, for whatever reason.  At this point I decided to simply go out and buy Office 2007.  I loaded Office 2007, transferred my address books, imported my email accounts and records then deleted Office 2003.  Everything seems to work fine now.  Thank you for your concern and assistance.
Jeff BrownConnect With a Mentor Global Helpdesk SupervisorCommented:
This is a known issue.
there is a microsoft fix for it  but it will require a full reinstall of office after the fix is applied.

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