IE 8 will not download anything

I have internet explorer 8 (beta2) installed on Vista Business (32bit). About a week ago downloading stopped working. It lets you select what directory you want to save in and goes through the download process but when you go to the directory the file is not there. I have gone through all of the settings and even removed my antivirus software but I am still unable to download anything.
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello JoeEdafio,

Uninstall IE8. It is still beta, so has errors.  Then you should revert back to IE6 or IE7.  Test if download works there.

Hope this helps!
Yeap you should go back to IE7. IE8 not only prevents you from downloading but also creates some other issues with display and other applications running on your pc. I have a huge problem when i downloaded it. I could not get to some websites either could i see my antivirus application on my pc. So please step back for now. You should be albe to unistall it by going to the installed updates history and search for IE8. Unistalled and restart your pc.  It should fix it....

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