Exporting OWA contacts and email addresses (X400) so that these can be brought over to local Outlook 2007

I have a user who uses OWA exclusively. Now that we ahve a computer for hime iwth software he would liek to use Outlook locally instead of webbased. How would I go about retieving all of this info from his OWA profiles?
One account will use SMTP so I am fairly certain all of his data will come over for that account. His other excchange account is on a third party webserver, would setting up that account on his new computer suing POP3 move over the same info as it will with SMTP?
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hodgeyohnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would check if imap was an option, but pop3 should work to
manelson05Author Commented:
I am going to run IMAP on his local account, data stay on the server but refreshes locally as well correct?
manelson05Author Commented:
Will run IMAP for remote excahnge server via Outlook 2007.

Thank you
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