How do I start portmapper in Solais 9 ?

I have a critical box and can not reboot.  I have checked Google and the "normal" script to start it does not appear to be there:

<google results>
At boot time RPC services  vai /etc/rc2.d/s71rpc startup script that initializes the rpcbind service After the system starts up, the rpcbind daemon starts listening at port 111

I am assuming that this will start with a script or in unison with a service ?  

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This is done by /usr/sbin/rpcbind in the S71rpc script.

If you're missing this script, check if it still exists as /etc/init.d/rpc. You can link this back to /etc/rc2.d/S71rpc


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itguy411Author Commented:
What about solaris 10 ?  

This is for Robocat, he earned the points however I do have 1 more question :)

From the Solaris 10 rpcbind man page:

     The rpcbind service is managed  by  the  service  management
     facility, smf(5), under the service identifier:


     Administrative actions on this service,  such  as  enabling,
     disabling,  or  requesting  restart,  can be performed using
     svcadm(1M). rpcbind can only be started by the superuser  or
     someone in the Primary Administrator role.

itguy411Author Commented:
This works
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