SAS 70 II, Password Complexity

What are the minimum password complexity requirements for SAS 70 II compliance.
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Suveer PatilConnect With a Mentor QA AnalystCommented:
i do not know much about SAS 70 II compliance
as per my knowledge and also i searched in internet i found that :
There is not much preference given to the password complexity for SAS 70 II compliance.

but the following can be followed

" Minimum of 8 characters
" A combination of upper and lower case characters
" A combination of alpha and numerical characters
" Restriction on repeating characters
" Ability to utilize special characters
WinGuyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lunchy. appreciate the help,  I have been tasked with discerning the criteria or password complexity requirement that will pass SAS 70 II audits, Our parent company who just bought us out, is using them ahd have not disclosed what all that entails, I am tryin gto stay ahead of the curve. Not really sure which group woud know best.
WinGuyAuthor Commented:
suveer Thanks for the input this did help me respond to my team with a recommendation. Wonder why its so hard to get this info directly from SAS 70 II compliance reports.
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