Exchange 2003 resending internal emails

We have a hosted Exchange solution.  I have one customer that has sent an email to another of our hosted customers and an outside email.  The email is being sent repeatedly to the other internal customer.  Since our Exchange handles all of the mail for both companies it should not hit any mail relays or spam servers.  This mail just keeps getting resent.

Any ideas?
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letotadConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found it.  This was caused by the AV software scanning outbound emails.  The attachment was too large for it to scan and therefore would bomb and never deliver it to the sent items folder.  Only problem with that is you have to view the Outbox on the machine where the original message was sent in order to see the "hung" email.  We use RPC over HTTPS so i can access anyone's email from my desk, but I could not see that email sitting in his Outbox.  After we went in and deleted the email, we changed the settings on the AV to not scan outbound email.
Can you follow it multiple times in the message tracking logs, or is the message still showing in the outbox of the client who sent it? Do you show the message in any of the queues?
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