Stopping searchprotocolhost

Is there a way to permanently stop searchprotocolhost? It is using a lot of system resources.
Dennis McGillisRetiredAsked:
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How to Enable or Disable Search Index in Vista
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Dennis McGillisRetiredAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I should have noted that I am using Windows XP.
Turn off indexing and speed up Windows XP By Gina Trapani, 8:46 AM on Fri Jan 28 2005, 60,461 views
If you don't use Windows XP's built-in search often (like every day), disabling indexing can significantly speed up your PC.
By default Windows XP indexes files on your hard drive and stores them in memory to speed up its' built-in search. But if you rarely use Windows search, turn off indexing to free up memory and CPU horsepower for the files and applications you actually do use. A few simple how-to steps after the jump.
To turn off indexing: Open up "My Computer." Right-click on your hard drive (usually "C:") and choose "Properties." Uncheck the box at the bottom that reads "Allow Indexing Service to..." Click OK, and files will be removed from memory. This removal may take a few minutes to complete.

To disable the indexing service: In the "Start" menu, choose "Run." Type "services.msc" and press Enter. Scroll-down to "Indexing Service" and double-click it. If the service status is "Running", then stop it by pressing the "Stop" button. To make sure this service doesn't run again, under "Startup Type:", choose "Disabled."

Windows search will still work if you perform these steps, but it will work more slowly than if indexing was enabled.

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Dennis McGillisRetiredAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the info.
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