HP laserJet Scan Application has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Greetings experts,

After I installed my Logitech 9000 webcam (quickcapture 11) the scanner software for my hp laserjet 3055 no longer works, the printer works fine and is connected via USB.  I uninstalled and re-installed the printer with no luck.  I even uninstalled the camera and re-installed the printer with no luck.  Installed printer into new directory with no luck. Can you help?  I actually installed a second scanner Epson perfection 2400 and I'm having problems with that as well, so something the camera installed has messed up the windows scanning function.  I'm using windows xp pro sp2.  To scan HP uses HPPSCAN3.exe.  See screenshot for errors.  When you start the scanning software you get the errors as the program starts, then it shuts itself down automatically.
Any help would be most appreciated.   Thank you

Kacey FernSystem EngineerAsked:
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
disconnect your webcam, and do a system restore - does the scanner work then ?
Kacey FernSystem EngineerAuthor Commented:
I was thinking of doing that.. I'm trying to get help from Logitech.  If they can't help I'll try the restore.
Kacey FernSystem EngineerAuthor Commented:
I did the system restore so since you suggested here are the points.  Logitech support is not that good, and HP kind of left me hanging.  Basically said to do a system restore, but didn't have an answer to the problem.  They pushed me off to Microsoft, yeah, like they were going to help me with an HP printer.  I did not re-install the camera due to the fact the same thing will probably happen.  O well, no webcam for my Mom.

you can still uninstall the printer, then install webcam and printer, and test !
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