I need to give more than one user or group access using the /grant prameter with Net Share?

I am attempting to use the net share command to grant more than one user or group permissions to a share created by the net share command.  I am using Windows 2003 server with SP2
The commands I'm currently using are:
net share IMGPROD=F:\PROD\IMG /grant:supergrp,FULL
net share IMGTEST=F:\TEST\IMG /grant:supergrp,FULL
Does anyone know the sytax that would allow me to add more users/groups with different access levels to these shares.
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choswootConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems that multiple permissions can be only given at initial command. So you can delete it then recreate
net share sharename=drive:path /delete
net share sharename=drive:path /GRANT:user,[READ | CHANGE | FULL] /GRANT:user,[READ | CHANGE | FULL]
Malli BoppeCommented:
Are you talking about share permissions or ntfs permissions on the shared folders.
You can use cacls for ntfs permissions.
bcolmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks CHOSWOOT.  I find that it's often the "Oh yeah - why didn't that occur to me" kinda things that solve the small nagging issues.  I could have lived without assigning multiple users with diff share perms - but this bit of info will make this procedure that much easier. - Bill
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