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Preventing authorized users from sending SPAM in Exchange 2007

The company I work for is a high school. Currently we have only been giving e-mail addresses to Faculty and Staff, but today I've been asked if Students can also start having an exchange mailbox. Our students are VERY savy and if there is a way for them to exploit something it will only be a matter of time before they figure it out :)

My first concern is them sending out SPAM mail. Our Exchange server is setup that outgoing mail can only be sent via authorized ( AD credential ) users, but students will be authorized users. Whats the best way for me to keep something like this from happening?
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2 Solutions
in exchange you can limit the number of recipients that a message can have.
using this you can limit the effectivness of spam.

you can use an outsourced solution to relay your outgoing email thru.
www.mxlogic.com is one option.  it would also help with inbound spam if you were so interested.

i would also suggest a strict policy that a student can loose their email acess of abuse is detected.
In Exchange Management Console, under Organization Configuration, Hub Transport node, under the General tab of Transport setting properties, you can specify the maximum number of recipients. Set it to as low as possible - however, some students may have group project where some number of people are involved.

I think the best option is to rely on a third party program, as great as Exchange 2007 is, better management can be achieved using third party programs. I'd suggest MailMarshal for Exchange, its free to try.
fgarufijrAuthor Commented:
It would seem MailMarshal is only for Exchange 2k and 2k3. I cant find anywhere on their site where it says it supports 2k7. But I appreciate the information...

I'm thinking that limiting the amount of mail allowed to send out per hour might work best, instead of having to come up to speed on another 3rd party program. If it does get out of control I can always look into something then.

I'm still up for suggestions though :)
MailMarshal 5.3.1 is released today which have Exchange 2007 support. Good luck - its really powerful

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