Java program to fetch simple data from sybase database tables and put into oracle database tables

I am looking for sample java code program which fetches data from sybase 12.0 database and then put into oracle 10g database tables using jdbc etc.Most of the Tables i have are pretty simple with less data and without complex functions etc. Any samples or resources,links,ideas would be highly apreciated.Thanks in advance
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grant300Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have a number of tables and/or are going to maintain this over time, you might want to look at Talend.  It si an open source ETL (Extraction Transformation and Loading) tool that generates Java under the covers.  The net result is that you find up with Java programs you can run even without the tool.

Talend can be found at and is free to download and use.  There is an Enterprise studio which has some additional features and is available on a paid subscription/support basis.

Talend has also recently introduced a data profiling product; very useful when trying to work with data of unkown or dubious quality.

BTW, when you download Talend and install it, there is a little bit of learning curve to get started, most of which are artifacts of the Eclipse IDE framework it is built in.  If you have issues, there is a bunch of support in the communty forums and/or you can ask questions here or via my e-mail, found in my profile, since there is no area for Talend on EE, yet.  Once you get past the little quirks, you will find it to be an extremely powerful and easy to use tool that will do the job you have here quite easily.

CEHJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Straightforward jdbc will do it. See egs here:
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