OWA Display Problems when accessing via Front End Server


I have a niggling (I'm assuming permissions based) issue with regard to accessing OWA via the Front End Exchange server.

7 Exchange Servers (All 2003 SP2)
1 Front End Server (2003 SP2, but virtualised)
SSL Encryption on Front End Server only.

When accessing OWA internally from one of the 7 Exchange Mailbox servers, via http://myserver/exchange everything is displayed as should be.

When accessing OWA internally via the Front End Server https://frontendserver/exchange OR
accessing OWA externally via the Front End Server https://owa.mydomain.com/exchange

I get the attached display.  

This isn't related to a similar behavior where enabling "anonymous access" would resolve as anonymous access is enabled on the ExchWeb directory.

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LeeDerbyshireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, if the FE server is at a lower patch level than the BE, then the proxied response from the BE will contain references to supporting files that don't exist on the FE.  Look at the numbered folders under C:\Program Files\Exchange\exchweb on the BE, and copy to the FE any that are absent.
Am pretty sure this is a service pack/patch issue, we had somthingsimilar and had to update the front end to the same as the backend.

sbearneAuthor Commented:
That did the trick.  Is there a more "best practices" approach to doing this over than copying the cab files over?  I think I used the same copy of Exch SP2 for all servers, but still this problem occurred?

Yes, you must always apply the same hotfixes (many have appeared since SP2) to the FE as well as the BE.
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