Can't Expose Data Contract When Not Used By A Web Service Method

THis drove me crazy for a couple hours. But I have realized that unless I have a method that uses one of my DataContracts as a parameter or a return value, the class is not exposed in the WSDL. So my question is...why the heck not...and can I expose it anyway somehow?
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ororioleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, I'll bite: Why would you want to define a datacontract that no one who uses your web service will ever see? Thats the point of a contract, it is exposed to someone else so they can use it.

Web service users can call methods, passing params and getting values back. So if it doesn't fall into one of those catagories WCF figures its not a contract.

"can I expose it anyway somehow?"
I doubt it. I'll check around tho.
SGyvesAuthor Commented:
Okay...problem is...I am mimicing a web service that takes XML as a string and does some serialization\desiralization into these objexts. Unfortunately...I do not have much say in the design on that part. Probably should have just used regular ASP web services eh? But I appreciate you confirming my insanity. Really I do.
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