Remove shining and replaces real eye color for dogs


I have a dog and i took her photos but her eyes are shining, almost all white. I try to remove it by using red eye remover but it doesn't work. How can i correct her eyes ?

Here is sample photo :

Thank you...

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Red-eye automation looks for shades of red and adds green to them for net result of brown/black color.

You don't have red-eye.  You just have the flash coming back at you.

Why not just paint in the area black?

ah is right the red eye remove tool will not work...

Use a radial fill with 2 colours that come closest to your dogs eyes. Mask the white area and feather the edges for a smooth fill.

Use duplicate layer on top with vivid layer option effect and play around with transparency to get the look life like.


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use magic wand (press W) chosse the yellow white colors inside the eye, now use brush or paint bucket to paint it black
u might need to expand your selection area , from the menus choose SELECT---> MODIFY---> expand (1 or 2 pixelwould be ok)
gurbuzmeteAuthor Commented:
thank you friends but any of them you offer me is not realistic, so i give up edit my dog's shining eye :))

But i want to give points to captian and also to padeshahoo,

thank you
Thanks for the accept, when you say 'not realistic' do you mean it looks 'drawn in' and unnatural?

You may need to play around with opacity settings and you can also apply lighting effects from the effects pallet which create more natural shading and gradients on the fill.

remember eyes are very difficult to get right as these are objects that we are very familiar with so we tend to be aware when they don't look natural. It is difficult to do...

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