Turning off searchprotocolhost in XP

I followed all of the suggestions in "Turn off indexing and speed up Windows XP By Gina Trapani" but searchprotocolhost still takes up more than 60% of my XP system recources for long periods of time. Is there a way to really kill it?

Dennis McGillisRetiredAsked:
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jckingjcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi ERA-Dennis,

Did you tried both method? Turn off indexing and turn off index services.

If you still can see searchprotocolhost running in the task manager it is wrong.

Try turn off index services

Try go Start ->  Run -> type "services.msc" and press enter -> Go "Windows Search" and double click on it -> "Stop" the service and then "disable" it from starting.

You tried this link?

Good luck.
Dennis McGillisRetiredAuthor Commented:
Thanks, jckingjc but the Chinese language search indexer isn't my problem and I am using Windows XP, not Vista.
Dennis McGillisRetiredAuthor Commented:
It seems like just what I did previously but it worked this time. Thanks
Glad to help.
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