Autologin to Gmail / Yahoo mail with single HTML

I need a html that redirect to yahoo/gmail with auto login

i dont want to use "remember pass" / roboform / greasemonkey / etc..
just a single HTML or even a web shortcut like<user>:<pass> (if that possible)

found a code from google, seems to work with greasemonkey
var k={
'': [0,{login:'myname',passwd:'mypass'}],

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GawaiCommented:<user>:<pass> will not be adviceable as any one can see the password in the url

anyway here we go...

1- login text field
2- passowrd field
3- combo box

function openMailWindow(form)
if (document.form.login.value=="")
alert("Enter Your UserName");
return false;
if (document.form.passwd.value=="")
alert("Enter Your PassWord");
return false;
	var LOGIN   = document.form.login.value;
	var PASSWD  = document.form.passwd.value;
	var SITE    =[].value;
	document.form.login.value = "";
	document.form.passwd.value = "";
	var strURL = "";
	if( SITE == "yahoo" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&passwd=" + PASSWD + "&.persistent=Y";
	else if( SITE == "usanet" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&passwd=" + PASSWD + "&NA31port=80&";
	else if( SITE == "altavista" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&password=" + PASSWD + "";
	else if( SITE == "mailcity" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&user_passwd=" + PASSWD + "&Submit=Login&version=1";
	else if( SITE == "123india" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&pwd=" + PASSWD + "&login=Enter";
	else if( SITE == "rediff" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&passwd=" + PASSWD + "&button=Sign%in";
	else if( SITE == "aol" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&password=" + PASSWD + "";
	else if( SITE == "angelfire" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&passwd=" + PASSWD + "&version=1";
	else if( SITE == "zdnet" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&PASSWORD=" + PASSWD + "";
	else if( SITE == "hotmail" )
		strURL = "" + LOGIN + "&passwd=" + PASSWD + "";
	else if( SITE == "coolmail" )
		strURL = "";
	else if( SITE == "cnn" )
		strURL = "";, "", "");

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and here is the form

Check Your Emails                                                               <form name=form>
                                        <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><b>User 
                                        <input name=login size="14">
                                        <input name=passwd type=password size="14">
                                        Email Account</b></font><br>
                                        <select name=site>
                                          <option selected 
                                          <option value=usanet>USA.NET 
                                          <option value=mailcity>Mailcity 
                                          <option value=aol>AOL 
              value=123india>123 India 
                                          <option value=rediff>Rediffmail 
                                          <option value=zdnet>ZDNET mail 
              value=cnn>CNN mail 
                                        <input align=absBottom onClick=javascript:openMailWindow() type=image src="imgs/search.gif" name="button" border="0" alt="Submit" width="62" height="33">

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tsphAuthor Commented:
thanks qawai, actually i was looking for this kind of URL" + LOGIN + "&passwd=" + PASSWD + "&.persistent=Y

and what's the URL for Gmail ?
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tsphAuthor Commented:
one more, can you show me how you found that kind of URL ?

for example i want to see the "login URL" for V-bulletin based forum
lets take this forum

the login address may be something like..." + LOGIN + "&vb_login_password=" + PASSWD + "&vb_login_md5password=" + somevalue + "&vb_login_md5password_utf=" +otheValue

i believe u know how to view the source code of that page...they have use a function md5hash(); to encrypt

for gmail, it could be...i did not test it....u pls try it<mpl=default<mpl=default&Email="+ LOGIN + "&Passwd=" + PASSWD + "&rmShown=1&signIn=Sign+in
tsphAuthor Commented:
the gmail URL works but doesnt correcly redirect to gmail
i'll look into that later, and for vbulletin, it has security token that generated randomly, so I must load entire page first

thanks for the solution

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