Using Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1120 through RDP

Gidday experts. I have an issue I haven't seen before when attempting to use a Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1120 through RDP. The printer is local on one of the XP desktops that is connecting via RDP to a Windows 2003 server. We would like to be able to use the printer through the RDP session.

We have installed the printer on the 2003 server and added the correct driver. When the user logs on, the printer is installed in their RDP session fine, and they can print.

However, when they log on via RDP, on the server a window pops up in the local Administrator session with the following text: "Installation of the software for your Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1120 is now complete". The problem is, the user cannot log off their RDP until an Administrator clicks "OK" on this stupid message on the local console! If a user tries to log off while this message is showing on Administrator, their RDP session hangs on "Logging off". As soon as the Administrator clicks "OK" they log off fine.

Here is what we have tried so far:

1. Leaving the server logged off locally: This doesn't work. the user's RDP session still hangs on "Logging off" until Administrator actually logs on locally, at which point they will see the message and can click on it. then the user can log off.

2. Installing the printer locally on the server as the user instead of installing it as Administrator: I thought the message might be popping up for Administrator because the original driver was installed under Administrator. So I uninstalled it, logged onto the server as the user and installed it. Unbelievable, the message box still popped up under Administrator!

3. getting the user to simply disconnect the session by clicking the cross (instead of logging off), then setting the the Terminal Services Configurator to end a disconnected session after 5 minutes. This effectively works, but when Administrator does log in, there is one message box for every time they have logged on, so obviously, that's not great.

So does anyone have any idea as to how I can stop this box from appearing every time a user logs on and connects this printer? Of maybe some kind of script to automatically click "OK"... The other alternative is to just buy another printer, but I was hoping for a solution before I have to go down that road.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Several thoughts:
-contact Laser shot support
-use a keysender that can read window titles like this one: (vb6 program, 20kb)
-did you install that printer using a setup or the inf file? Maybe with the .inf a more basic installation takes place without that silly window.

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lukerussellAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions. I did try using the inf file and that produced the same results. I'll give the keysender software a go, that looks promising. As for contacting Canon, well we all know how much help they will be ;-)
yes we do :)
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{ENTER} has to be entered into the second line (in those brackets), the first line has to contain a part of the window title of the message window.
But I don't know how to start it automatically / as a service.
Maybe you have to look for something similar.
lukerussellAuthor Commented:
thanks. Wow - i wish i could specken ze doich (nothing like that, I'm sure). We'll give it a go. Auto starting it could be an issue...
lukerussellAuthor Commented:
Well, in the end it was all too hard for them! We ended up installing a PDF printer and they just printed the docs locally after the session ends...

McKnife, thanks for your help. I think your solution would have worked fine and I may keep that little tool in my kit for if ever I need it (or learn German)
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