WISP setup with ADSL Backbone - Need to assign indivdual public IP addresses to clients

I have this scenario.

I want to setup a small WISP, I will using (1:4 bandwidth contention ratio) Adsl connections as backbones to the access points. The problem I forsee is this:

I want to assign different public ip addresses to each customer, rather than having all of them use the one single public IP assigned to my ADSL connection. So basically i would like to assign unique public ip addresses to connected clients which would be routed over 1 single ip address (adsl connection).

I have a feeling it's somewaht impossible unless my ISP actually assigns the IPs for me and that's limited to 5 ip's per connection. I'm wondering if some sort of proxy solution could work out.

Also some advice regarding obtaining public ip addresses (obviously against payment) but without having to go through the hassle of obtaining them from Internet Numbering registrars such as RIPE and ARIN, which would serve the purpose.

Thanks for your time!

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IPs cost you money so why would you want unique IPs per customer? NAT is a viable technical solution especially if your potential customers are just surfing the internet. If you do not register for IPs with ARIN then you must use your providers IP space and usage policies. However, I am sure they will sell you more IPs but it's going to cost you. Also, if you ever need to change your provider or add an additional provider for redundancy you will have issues if the IP space is not yours.

Remember, your provider went through that process of obtaining the IPs from ARIN, paid for them, and manage them, it's going to cost you. The 5 IP addresses per connection policy has the cost of the IPs built into the service. Additional IPs outside their services are going to be sold for a premium

A proxy solution is not viable when talking about providing unique IP addresses per customer.

If you want your own addresses you must go through ARIN or your provider.

harbor235 ;}
SleezedAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

The problem is I dont want all the customers to share the single ip or the block of 5 ips amongst them.

I want each user to be assigned a different IP.

One point for clarity, I do not want to give them a Fixed ip, but a dynamic IP that changes upon every use.

Any Suggestions?
So, why is it you can't use a wireless router / ADSL modem combo at each location instead of access points?

Or do you mean you will have one ADSL line that you want to split among numerous access points in the same area?

With 4 or less APs, the DHCP server in about any $75  router should be able to do what you want.
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SleezedAuthor Commented:
I have Ubiquity Nano Station APs.

Each AP shall be backhauled by an ADSL connection. I will have and adsl connection to each AP.

The problem I have in reality is that I can only get 5 usable ips per connection, which is not enough if each AP would have around 30 clients.

Ok, so you need a IP block for users, this can be allocated via a DHCP pool. My questions remains, Why does each customer need a dedicated IP? I know you would like it, but is there a technical reason.
NAT is a good solution

You should be able to get more IPs from your provider, however, you must tell them you are willing to pay for them because they will need to regain the lost revenue on those IPs. I assume you have a business service from your provider, they will not give you more IPs if you have a residential service.

The only options you have are to pay for more IPs from your provider or acquire them from ARIN

harbor235 ;}
SleezedAuthor Commented:
The reason why I need them is regulation.

Each connected client must be allocated a fixed or dynamic unique IP.

The problem is the maximum IPs that can be routed to an ADSL bridge connection is 6 and my ISP said only 5 will be usable.

In order to technically (according to my isp) be able to route more ips to my subnet I would need a fibre optic connection per access point, which would make my plan unfeasable.

You need an ISP the serves business clients such as a WISP. Are you utilizing residential IP services and not business class IP services. Providers should have no problem giving you what you want if you purchase a business solution.

My advice is to rethink your IP address schema, this will not scale to large numbers of users. Perhaps
you do need it to scale to large numbers of users then unique IPs are doable.

You can also regulate users via layer 2 mac addresses.

Hope this helps, I do not know the entire situation so it's a challenge to propose a remedy

harbor23 5;}

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SleezedAuthor Commented:
I agree that it's a challenge, i was trying to see if i could acheive a solution.

As to ISP serving WISP clients, I have already enquired and everyone came up with the same solution. A fibre optic connection is the only solution it seems (Copper E1's are just a few euro less so that's why I'd have to go for fibre).

Thank you Harbor235 and Darren for your help!
SleezedAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your time. Very much appreciated.
Who is Darren?

Could you clarify which part of harbor235's answer was the solution, please?
SleezedAuthor Commented:
Apologies by Darren i was refering to Darr247.

As regards to the solution, the actual solution is the fact that I have to totally rethink my IP address schema as what I'm proposing doesnt really make sense.
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