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I work for a small to mid-size business, and am a jack-of-all-trades: some application development, database design, technical support, etc.  I have been working a lot lately with SQL server 2005.  We have some databases that contain a large (for us) amount of info... anywhere between 5-20 million rows in the largest tables.  I'm interested in purchasing any type of software that will assist with performance tuning on these databases.  I doubt I manage updates/inserts/deletes the most effectively, but am not sure how to identify and analyze bottlenecks.  Outside of getting a consultant (which we're open to, but that's a different question), do you have any recommendations on software to help us with this?
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The first tools are for free
- sql*profiler: tells you which statement is heavy or many times called , heavy in the way of cpu,duration or read/writes
  + from a (representative) profiler trace you can call a optimasation analysis -> will give you indexes or statistics you can benifit with
- query window -> execution plans can learn you where full table scans occur (previous step is this on the whole load)
- server monitoring : cpu, memory, disk I/O

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I haven't used this product but Quest's "Workload Analysis for Oracle and SQL Server" looks good.  I ahve used other products from Quest and have been very pleased.

I am also a big fan of SQL Profiler.  In my experience most DB problems are the result of poorly tuned queries, and/or bad indexing methodology.
addition to my "The first tools are for free".
They are already on your server
- SQL*profiler is a part of your SQL*Server so you don't even have to install it.
- performance monitor for your server monitoring
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