How do I Migrate a RAID 1 Volume to Identicle Pc's?

We have 8 of these new workstations with identicle integrated hardware and disks on all of them.  I thought that I could create a virtual drive master using RAID 1 on one of them, do a 100% copy of both pyhsical drives without breaking the RAID, install the new drives in an identicle PC and then activate the drives and sync them in the new PC. Of course the SID would need to be changed but I don't get that far.  When I install the 2 physical drive clones in the same slots in the new PC and press Ctrl-C after the first boot to open the SAS RAID controller BIOS it does not recognize the physical drives as RAID drives and asks if I want to create a RAID volume.  This of course would destroy all data.  I'm sure the controller should see 2 physical drives that need to be activated and then sync'd, after all what would you do if you needed to replace the mother board.  I have tried this in more than one of the 8 PCs with the same result.  We are using ImagMaster cloning devices to do 100% clones.  Suggestions on how to migrate RAID 1 would be greatly appreciated.  
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Its not a good idea to use raid as a mirroring device.
Get yourself some disk imaging software and use that.
For windows look at ghost.  I used to use that to roll out servers and workstations.  It used to load a full classroom of pcs in about 20 minutes from one image.
ALso this is RAID controller dependent. SOme RAID controllers do not know how to build RAID 1 from an uninitialized drive, so you need to do this in pairs.

Set the RAID up, format and then restore the image via any good Ghost type program that recognizes  your RAID controller.

Ghost and disk image free tools, Ghost alternatives

 Try this ,it's free .  Free backup Software  Imaging a Server RAID 5 imager, also change Partition size

Expanding RAID configurations

I hope this helps !

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jethompsonjrAuthor Commented:
Thank u for the info.  I was able to distribute the image by simply creating a RAID volume, removing one of the HDAS and placing it in anotheer identicle PC.  Then I could activate and sync the two drives with two wiped drives and magic I had two identicle PCs with Identicle RAID volumes. I continued doing this until all 8 computers were done.  We use GHOSt and UIU here but this is the first time I needed to clone a RAID volume..  The information you provided looks interesting and may help me in the future.  Thanks again
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