I want to compress the painfully loud|pitifully soft volume on a mac

I am on a Mac, and I am subtitling some amateurishly produced videos. I think it is an on-camera microphone, or maybe a spastic boom operator, but the sound varies wildly - painfully loud one moment to whisper soft the next.

I see two possibilites:

a realtime dynamic-range compression util - maybe something I can route through using Soundflower?
performing the compression on the mp4 files themselves - so long as I don't mess up the sync or timecode.

What's my best bet?
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DsastrayAuthor Commented:
No takers, huh?

I used SoundFlower (an artificial/virtual sound device you can use to route all your outgoing sound) and AULab, which is included in the Developer Tools. All the devices are sent to channels 1 & 2 of the Soundflower device.

Once in AULAb, I used the AUCompressor and AULimiter plugins to make process the sound on Ch 1 & 2, which are then sent to Ch 3 & 4, which outputs to the headphones.


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