upgrade imac from ox 10.3.9 to 10.4

Have an old imac 400mhz, powerpc750 with 512 MB memory.  The os is ver 10.3.9 and need to upgrade to ver 10.4  I just purchased an HP photosmart c6380 and requires at least 10.4 to install software.  Can I purchase ver 10.4 from ebay and simply upgrade using the cd?
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Yes, you can upgrade it.

However, be careful of what version you're getting.  Some OS X CDs will only work on the hardware they were shipped with (if you're buying off Ebay it's very possible someone's just selling their factory CDs and NOT a full Operating System).  

If I were you, I'd call 1.800.MY.APPLE, give them your serial number and tell them you'd like to purchase the Tiger upgrade CD.  That way you're sure that 1. You will actually get what you ordered (I personally don't trust ebay very much.  2.  The CDs you get will work with your hardware.

I recently did exactly this for a client of mine and the CDs were under $20 through Apple.
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