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Quick question.  Anyone know if there's a way to see where a print job originated?  I'm using the new system.printing namespace in .net 3.0 to monitor printers and move print jobs around.  One thing that I am stuck on is if you can work out which application printed the print job?  Any way of determining this whether its through .net, another language or any other method?
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xerox printers  has it and  it is called  banner  sheet but i am not sure what is the  function used to do it.
In fact, Xerox Phaser printers can do better than that: if you point your browser at the printer's IP address you can look at the printer's job log which lists the name of the user printing, the file name, amount of toner used, etc. As for the banner sheet, if the printer can't do it (you select it under Printing Preferences) you can always use the Windows separator page (from Properties > Advanced > > Separator Page)

Unfortunately, I don't think that's what vbMatt is looking for, and I don't think what he wants can be done. While PostScript print jobs do list the application in the header, most other print jobs don't, and hence it is not retrievable. Of course there may be a way by digging into the O/S and getting it that way, but I certainly would not know how to.

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