Installing driver for T40 IBM Thinkpads  Wireless Internet

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My T40 Thinkpad won't recognize my whatever it is card that connects to the internet....   Worked before, but I changed hard drives.   The card is a Cisco.  I loaded all of the drivers that made it work before.  But it won't work on this HD.   I went to device mgr and there are three yellow ? under other devices: Network Controller; Pci Modem and Videio Controller (which isn't relevant here).
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Via the device mgr,You can try to unistall the network card and pci modem.
After that try to reinstall.
Check if the ? is removed.
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What OS...?  and are you sure you have the CORRECT drivers?  The card is a CISCO?
Cisco what?   Do you have the make and model?  is this a PCMCIA card?  or Mini PCI? or.....USB?  or something else?
If this is a FACTORY mini PCI Wireless card, then it is possibly this driver?:

Or this:

Also see here:
Try scanning your laptop with Although your laptops are the same the wireless adapter might be different. Driver Agent will scan your computer for hardware and tell you if the drivers are up to date.
Good luck!
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Didnt want to take credit for something that I didnt come up with!

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