BROWSERS FREEZE [so does Outlook send/receive]; fine after closing [no reboot needed]

New quad core duo pc w/XP Pro & 4 Gb RAM.
Cable connection routinely sees 7 MB downstream, 650 KB upstream.

Since beginning, have experienced sudden stops with IE7; also happens w/Maxthon overlay & w/Firefox 3.  Unpredictably, w/no obvious trigger, browser simply stops connecting.  If Outlook is open, it usually gets stuck too, unable to send/receive.

Nothing else on pc hangs up.  If I close browser & reopen, it works fine...for awhile, then repeats.  Ditto Outlook.  Seems to happen sooner if more browser tabs open, but eventually happens even w/1 or 2 tabs.  Definitely happens more if Outlook open; on closing Outlook, browser sometimes starts working again.

Reboot of router, modem & pc have no effect.

Old system used exact same modem/router config.  No other changes.
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jamesportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was my anti-virus...a current version of Panda, which I've used successfully on several machines.  Never saw anything like these symptoms, even on prior desktop which ran all the same software [& was also XP Pro].

I did a thorough uninstall of Panda, installed Avast, & made no other changes.  System has been trouble-free [& fast] for 2 weeks.

I recommend Avast highly.
Run FileMon.exe and read through report when you are running IE7.0.  It should identify the source of the hang.
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