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I have a single domain network with about 200 users.  I want to set up a wireless network inside my domain for iPhone users to access their email without using their 3G Data Quota.  I've tried using a couple of different Linksys Routers, by plugging them into one of my network switches but it is not working properly.  I have never setup a wireless network before inside a domain, I've setup hundreds using an ADSL connection.  Should I purchase a particular type of router.  Could someone help me with the configuration?
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All you should have to do is configure the wireless portion of the wireless router and then plug it in to the network.

When you say it is not working properly, what do you mean?  What exactly have you done and what exactly are your results?
You have to turn off DHCP on the wireless router, then plug the switch into the switch portion of the wireless router. DO NOT plug it into the WAN port. Everything should work if you've already enabled the wireless within the router setup. You're basically setting up an access point....not a router.


What about the encapsulation where you normally put in the ISP information?  Do I just ignore that?  It's strange because the iPhones that are using the wireless network can browse the internet but they cannot receive email from the exchange just gives an error saying the connection to the server was lost but only for email.  If I use the iPhone to connect to another wireless network that is using an ISP with ADSL then the emails download perfectly.  But I have two ADSL routers plugged into different switches on the domain and the emails will not download to the iPhone.

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You shouldn't have to do anything with the encap info. Just leave the router default and plug in as I said. It shouldn't have a problem unless there is another issue with your domain. Try connecting a wireless laptop to the router and connecting to the exchange server. See if you get the same error. (Also, is your exchange server within the network or outside?)
Also, if dhcp is enabled on the router it will screw around with everything, double check that DHCP is disabled and set it up as I explained above.
Yes, you just leave it blank, that's why you don't plug in the WAN port.  You're not actually using the wireless router as a router, just as a WAP.

As for the iPhone and Exchange issue.  They are a pain to get working correctly.  Or at least they were a few months ago.  I understand it's gotten easier, but I haven't had a chance to do a new setup in a while.

Check out this URL for ensuring that Exchange is set up correctly:

And this one for ensuring the iPhones are set up correctly:

Good Luck!

In summary what everyone is suggesting is to turn your router into an Access Point. You simply setup the LAN side of the router, ignore the WAN settings, WAN IPs, domain logon and all that stuff.

Say your main network is on an IP Scheme of 172.16.10.X. You would set up the LAN side of your router with an address in this scheme. Plug one of the LAN ports into your main network switch and the router should now work like an Access point on your LAN. A wireless extension of your Intranet's IP and network scheme. Sort of like just being wired.

Can your users from home access your Exchange server via the Internet with a mail client like Access? If so, there should have been no problems in your wireless accessing Exchange when you had it set up doing routing.

I believe the problem in Exchange, when you had it set up stems from the sudden change in it saw in IP addresses. I am no Exchange person by any means, but it seems to me, when I had to use it, there were allowed IP settings in Exchange. You may have Exchange set to only allow valid IPs form your internal LAN segment.

Just a couple of thoughts.

If these answers helped you then please close the question.  If not, please provide more feedback so someone can help you further.

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